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Ditch the Paperwork with SiteFile

Our SiteFile app links your worksite to the office, letting workers in the field access—and complete—every required safety form, checklist or file they need to review and sign from any connected device. Users can even scan paper reports and save them as pdfs. Enjoy paperless fieldwork without compromising safety, performance or compliance.  

Digital Forms

Become a market leader in paperless safety compliance. SiteFile is a document strategy solution designed to be among  the most useful tools in the construction industry.  Its innovative system supports documentation flow to minimize dependence on paper and to reduce manual tasks.  

Template Selection

Partner with SiteFile to efficiently link your sites to the office. It allows workers in the field to access every required safety form, checklist, or file they need to review, complete, and sign digitally in the field.

Paper to PDF

SiteFile was created with the vision of being a “paperless field” for workers without compromising safety, performance, or compliance. The SiteFile app allows management in the office to collaborate with workers on site by making required documents available for review and completion.

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