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How Can You Proactively Detect Unsafe Conditions?

Detecting Unsafe Conditions

There’s no question that, when it comes to site safety—or all safety, for that matter—the offense is a good defense. Understanding where unsafe conditions typically are and mitigating them goes a long way toward protecting people from injuries.

What Creates Unsafe Conditions?

“Job sites are ever changing with different tradespeople performing different work scopes simultaneously,” says Jacqueline Roche, President of Nova Safety Associates. ”An unsafe condition can be created by one trade while performing their work but may not be immediately discovered or noticed by others. Work areas can be considerably large, which also adds to the challenge of detecting unsafe conditions.”

So, what can often be missed in terms of safety? Typically, she says, people miss the finer details, as they sometimes focus on production, as opposed to health and safety. For example, items that require close attention, like the condition of guard rails, safety netting, tie-off equipment, and rigging equipment, require consistent, focused inspection by competent people to help ensure worker wellbeing.

“Understanding the processes and work areas is a huge help when uncovering unsafe conditions,” notes Jacqueline. “Once you understand the process or expected condition of a work area, this is key to noticing or discovering an unsafe condition.”

How Nova Ensures Site Safety 

Nova Safety Associates understands that those finer details matter when inspecting a project. 

“Nova believes that taking critical steps before starting any project is key to uncovering potential safety hazards before they become issues,” Jacqueline asserts. “Thorough inspections can lead to positive results, especially the prevention of incidents. We also understand that effective and constructive communication with on-site workers is key to successfully maintaining safety. If workers are eager to notify you of something that may need attention, this can also help with the identification and correction of potential safety issues on site.”

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